Saturday, September 24, 2011

Speech by Narain Kataria at the Rally by Eagelswings


Dear Brothers and Sisters: Sholom:

In the first instance, let me express my gratitude to the organizers of this Rally for having given me an opportunity to express my views. I really feel honored.

We American Hindus are here today to express our support to Eagleswings; and solidarity with Israel. We should understand in unambiguous terms that Durban III conference by the UN is being used as a strategy by Islamists to condemn, demonize and vilify Israel. We will not allow their mean and mendacious desire to be fulfilled.

This same ploy is also being used by Islamists to pressurize the United Nations to declare caste system in India which was originally based on profession, as a racist system.

I am the survivor of the Partition of India in which more than one million Hindus and Sikhs were killed by Radical Islamists and more than 10 million Hindu and Sikh people were forcibly converted to Islam, driven out of Pakistan, and finally ethnically cleansed. I have seen with my own eyes the reign of repression let loose by Radical Islamists. I have seen with my own eyes our women being raped and people being murdered in the broad day light in connivance with Islamic government. Dear brothers and sisters, I have seen the true face of Radical Islam. Believe me, terrorism is the greatest threat to the humanity.

Islamists have already slaughtered tens of thousands of Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, Christians, Sudanese, Buddhists, Baha'i, Ahmadias, Balochis, and even their own Muslims.

They are funded by Saudi Arabia and militarily trained by Pakistan’s spy agency ISI. After training in terrorist camps, they are sent all over the world to kill infidels – those who do not believe in Prophet Mohammed, Allah and Kuran. The situation is indeed fraught with dangerous consequences.

Global onslaught by Radical Islam with Israel being only one of the canaries in the mine, is going on all over the world. Bali, Madrid, Mumbai, Thailand, Philippine, New York, Beslan in Russia and New Delhi are the victims of terrorism. Terrorists are killing our soldiers in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq.

The sinister aim of the Radical Islam is to isolate Israel, India and America. Hence, we have to be careful so that we do not fall into their trap.

In addition to that Hindus in Kashmir and Bangladesh, Coptic Christians in Egypt, Christians in Bethlehem and Iraq, Maronites in Lebanon, Kurds in Turkey and Syria, and Southern Sudanese are being slaughtered by Radical Islamists.

We support this Rally and join with you in sending our clear message to the United Nations that we will never accept the policies of capitulation and appeasement that undermine the fight against Radical Islam.

Narain Kataria
Indian American Intellectuals Forum, and
Co-Founder Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam
(718) 478-5735

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