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January 12, 2008

Memorandum to Smt. Pratibha Patil
President of India
Rashtrapati Bhavan
New Delhi, India

Hon. Smt. Pratibha Patil ji: Saadar Namaskar:


At the moment a controversy is raging in India as to on whom the Bharat Ratna, country's highest civilian award should be conferred. In this connection, CPM is pushing forward the name of their aging leader Jyoti Basu.

The Bharat Ratna award is the highest civilian honor which is awarded to a person who has distinguished himself/herself for the highest degrees of national service which includes artistic, literary, and scientific achievements, as well as "recognition of public service of the highest order." As is evident from the following facts that Mr. Jyoti Basu is the most unfit, thoroughly undeserving and completely unqualified candidate for this honor. Therefore, we strongly urge not to consider him as a possible candidate for the highest civilian award of India:

He has been a leftist leader all his life and currently belongs to CPM, a faction of the old Communist movement in India. It is a well known fact that before Independence these communists not only opposed the freedom movement, quit India movement, but also after Independence in 1962, supported Chinese invasion of India. At that time, Jyoti Basu made a very recklessly disturbing statement saying that since I do not see any Chinese soldiers in Kolkata, I cannot condemn them.

In order to appease his vote bank, Jyoti Basu supported the creation of Pakistan at the time of Independence.

At the time of Great Kolkata killings in 1946, Jyoti Basu did nothing to help Hindus of Kolkata who were being slaughtered by Muslim fanatics. Nor did he help the Hindu women in Noakhali who were mercilessly raped and murdered by Islamic goons.

During his regime, 12 Anand Margi Sadhus were murdered in the broad day light allegedly by CPM cadres, but none of them was brought to books.

Jyoti Basu has acted as a collaborator with the enemies of Bharat on several occasions.

There are 220 police stations in Kolkata. It is alleged that Jyoti Basu has appointed 100 Muslims as officer-in-charge of those Police Stations to keep his opponents under control.

In 1988-89, when Hindus were being persecuted in Bangladesh, and Islam was declared as the state religion, Jyoti Basu went to Bangladesh and shamelessly certified that Bangladesh was the most communally harmonious state.

Under the guise of land reforms, he took away all the land from Hindus and distributed it to Muslims to keep himself in power.

Communism is an alien ideology in India. Indian Communists like Jyoti Basu are not rooted in Indian traditions and philosophy and have no reverence for Indian ethos.

In order to be Chief Minister of West Bengal, he allowed millions of Bangladeshi Muslims to enter India illegally. In 1996, Indrajit Gupta, the former Home Minister had announced that 10-15 million Bangladeshis are living in India. The problem of Bangladeshi Muslims has developed into a serious security problem for Indian government. Jyoti Basu encouraged construction of Madrasas with Arab funding in the state. This has changed the demographic balance of India and created a frightening situation. He is responsible for this mess to a great extent.

His pro-Muslim policies have given fillip to the terrorist activities all over India. As a result of Jyoti Basu's anti-Indian policies, 8 districts in West Bengal have become Muslim majority areas. Hindus are fleeing from the districts bordering West Bengal to safer places.

Booth capturing and scientific rigging in West Bengal elections are the gifts of Jyoti Basu to Indian democracy.

In the mid-eighties, Jyoti Basu opposed computerization on the plea that it would cause unemployment and pushed West Bengal to backwardness.

During his Chief Ministership, most of the industries moved from West Bengal to other States, causing massive unemployment in West Bengal and bringing down the State to the bottom steps of the economic development order.

His flawed economic policies guided by Communist ideology have destroyed jute mill industry and Metal Box industry in West Bengal. Because of lack of employment opportunities, most of the educated Bengalies are looking for jobs in other states of India.

Before Jyoti Basu came to power, according to all indicators of education, employment, health, wealth and prosperity, West Bengal was one of the top most states in India. During Jyoti Basu's misrule, West Bengal has been relegated to a backward state.

Gopal Krishan Gokhale had said "What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow." Jyoti Basu proved him wrong. People of West Bengal have been forced to think only of the failed ideology called Communism.

Before Jyoti Basu came to power, intellectuals in Kolkata, were free to criticize anybody. But now their voice has been gagged. Fear psychosis prevails all over West Bengal.

He is a known Hindu basher.

This man has done irreparable damage to Indian polity. In the backdrop of what has been mentioned above, it is absolutely essential that this person should never be considered for Bharat Ratna Award.

Further, we maintain that Bharat Ratna is the most prestigious award in India. Before conferring Bharat Ratna on any individual, it should be widely debated in print and electronic media. In order to maintain the sanctity of Bharat Ratna, this issue should neither be politicized nor left to the discretion of a few bureaucrats.

Narain Kataria

Cc: Prime Minister of India