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How come Hindus and their  leaders in India who are surrounded by 500 million Muslims maintain deafening silence about the danger to the existence of Hindus?

“Militarize Hindus and Hinduize Politics” – Veer Savarkar

Muslims from Middle East are pouring in European countries in tens of thousands.  There is a fear psychosis  in the minds of European countries that their culture will be  destroyed  and their country will be taken over by radical Islamists in due course of time.  Hence they are buying  assault rifles and getting ready to handle these violent people.

On the other hand,  in Indian Sub-continent there are about 500 million Muslims  (180 millions  in Pakistan, 150 millions in Bangladesh,  and 160-170 millions in India)  whose avowed aim is to Islamize India and establish Nizam-e-Mustafa (Islamic rule).

Half a million Kashmiri Hindus have been driven from the Valley.  Seven districts in Assam and three districts in West Bengal have become a Muslim majority area.  Muslim population in Assam is about 40%, in West Bengal it is 30%, in U.P.  it is 22%, and in Kerala it is 24%.  On the other hand, Hindu population in India has come down to less than 80% and Muslim population has more than doubled and assumed an alarming proportion.

While presence of a few thousands Muslims in European countries has sent shivers down their spine, no Hindu leader has come up with a plan to protect Hindus from the impending doom and disaster to be caused by the seditious and rebellious  activities  by  half a billion Islamic  supremacists  whose forefathers  had forcibly wrested one third of India from Hindus and declared it  as an Islamic Nation.

Hindu leaders should learn a lesson or two from their History and discard the methodology which has failed us in the past .
Hence, it is incumbent on Hindus to identify  their real enemy and find  ways and means to extirpate them. 

One alternative  for the survival of Hindu Nation is  to emulate Veer  Savarkar, the great Hindu revolutionary and fearless  freedom fighter,  who had said that “Militarize Hindus and Hinduize Politics”.  Jai Hind!

Very truly yours, 
Narain Kataria
(718) 478-5735


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Saturday, October 17, 2015



Enclosed herewith please find a video link of  conversation of  Shri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, Founder Hindu Samhati, who was on a visit to USA, with Ashok Vyas, Program Director of ITV.

In his conversation Shri Tapan Ghosh, inter alia,  says that family planning in India is being enforced  only on Hindus.  Social workers do not go in Muslim areas because they are afraid that they might  be attacked and  killed by radical Islamists.  That is one of the reason as to why Hindu population in India  is decreasing day by day, emphasizes Shri Ghosh. 

Chiding Indian politicians for their duplicity and hypocrisy, he further says that most of the political leaders advise only Hindus to maintain pluralism and secularism in India but no one asks Muslims in Lal Chowk, Srinagar to do the same!

Please listen to complete Video (30 minutes).

Respectfully yours,

Narain Kataria
(718) 478-5735

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Senior BJP leader and former Cabinet Minister, Government of India who is working to restore the dignity to Hindu Dharma in India and spearheading the movement for Hindu renaissance was given a send-off by some of his supporters at JFK Airport in New York 0n August 31st.
Dr. Swamy was on a lecture tour to USA and Canada from August 14th.   During his sojourn, he visited Vancouver, Chicago, Houston, Austin, Washington, Dallas,  Princeton University in New Jersey, and New York.
Dr. Subramanian Swamy has emerged as the most popular Hindu (Indian) leader in  the USA after Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
During his tour, Dr. Subramanian Swamy, a true personification of the leadership qualities like courage, fearlessness and perseverance  enthralled the audience with his eloquence and mesmerized them with his brilliance.
Narain Kataria
(718) 478-5735

The book titled “Islam and the Clash of Civilizations” says:
In the 21st Century the greatest threat to the existence of  the United States and its allies in Europe,  does not come from Russia, China or North Korea.  It comes from Islam.
Islamic Jihad has been going on from the inception of Islam, and its warrior Prophet, 1400 years ago.
There are only two choices left for the United States, Europe, and the citizens of the free world – either to surrender to Islamic imperialism or to defeat it utterly.

Respected Colleagues:
I have some very important – very good – news to share with you.   A personal friend, whom I have known for over 35 years, has just published one of the finest works available about Islamic Jihad, hegemony, and imperialism.  During the last half a century, I have had the opportunity to read many books on political Islam, written by both Indian and Western intellectuals, but I truly consider this clearly written and heavily researched book is perhaps the most outstanding I have ever read on the subject.
The title of the book is Islam and the Clash of Civilizations.  The book is quite large – nearly 800 pages long.  The author, whose pseudonym is Panini, addresses the entire conflict from a secular humanist, rationalist, and empiricist perspective.  He argues in the book that there is no such a thing as a religious conflict per se.  He further elaborates that India and Hinduism's conflict with Islam is neither theological nor metaphysical; it is a civilizational conflict.
Please see the attached flyer for a more detailed description of the book’s contents.  I strongly encourage you to purchase the book, read and critique it, and, if you like the book, encourage your friends to read it too.  I am convinced that this book speaks the truth about Pakistan, Islamic hegemony, and Global  Jihad.
The price of this book is $9.95 USD for Kindle; and the printed paperback is $39.95 USD from Amazon.
Please visit the Author's website: for further information.

Narain Kataria
(718) 478-5735



 Tapan Ghosh is the founder and head of Hindu Samhati, West Bengal. He has been a tireless activist fighting for Hindus and Hindu causes in the state at immense personal risk.

Hindu Samhati is a NGO which regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. It  also works with both governmental and other non-governmental agencies for the safety, security and protection of Hindu populace. 

Within only seven years since it was founded by nationalist leader Sri Tapan Ghosh in 2008, Hindu Samhati has become an  icon of hope to Hindus in West Bengal. From Sunderban to Shantipur, from Bolpur to Barasat, wherever Hindus have been attacked, activists of Hindu Samhati have stood by them and fought for their cause.

There are no other organizations in West Bengal which work for Hindus irrespective of their political affiliations.

You are requested to kindly join us in welcoming  Shri Tapan Kumar Ghosh to New York.

Narain Kataria
(718) 478-5735

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Respected Colleagues:
I am enclosing herewith the link of Youtube Video of Hindu Unity Day (Hindu Sangathan Divas) for my colleagues/friends  all over the world who were not  physically present to watch the proceedings of the program.  Hope you will like it.

Best regards,

Narain Kataria
(718) 478-5735



Resolved to keep a vigilant eye on anti-Hindu forces in media which have been unfairly and deliberately slandering and demonizing Hindu Samaj;
Resolved to raise voice unitedly if there is any discrimination, injustice or cruelty perpetrated on any Hindu anywhere in the world.
The 20th Hindu Unity Day (Hindu Sangathan Divas) was celebrated  with pomp, position, dignity, enthusiasm  and grandeur in New York on August 30th
Hindu Unity Day is celebrated every year in New York in commemoration of the coronation of  Ch. Shivaji Maharaj, the Hindu warrior king who, after demolishing Islamic domination, established Hindu kingdom in India in 1674. In actuality, it has become a tradition for Hindus in New York.
The Auditorium was packed to capacity.  The enthusiasm and jubilation on the part of audience was seen to be believed.  The general mood of public and the atmosphere in the auditorium was simply electrifying.   The energetic spirit of attendees from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Guyana and Trinidad living in New York who freely mingled with one another irrespective of the distinctions of caste, creed, color, language, gender and nationality  shattered the myth and debunked the obnoxious theories propounded by the prophets of doom that Hindus cannot be united.
The meeting was addressed by Dr. Subramanian Swamy, senior BJP leader and former Cabinet Minister of Law, Justice and Commerce, Government of India;  Rajiv Malhotra, Founder and President of Infinity Foundation, author, philanthropist and community leader;  Suresh Chavanke, Chairman, CEO of Sudarshan TV;  Aditi Banerjee, Corporate Counsel at Leading Global Financial Services Firm;  Dr. Uma Mysorekar, President, Hindu Temple Society of North America, Vijay Shertukde, Author of Novel, “BLUR”;  Vibhuti Jha, an entrepreneur;  Devendra Singh, Founder of HindiUSA, the largest Hindi organization in the United States;  Dr. Rajesh Shukla, Member, Central Committee Overseas Friends of BJP, Jagdish Sewhani, HSS Coordinator Community Reach;   Surinder Verma,  Dr. Urmilesh Arya, Satya Dosapati, and Amya Gulati.
Dr. Subramanian Swamy, a true personification of the leadership qualities like courage, fearlessness and perseverance was the Chief Guest at this function.  In his brilliant speech, Dr. Swamy time and again,  so enthralled the audience with his forceful narration and outstanding arguments in support of the Hindu unity, that he received a frequent ovation from the audience.
Suresh Chavanke was another eloquent  speaker who exposed the insidious designs of anti-Indian forces who have been clandestinely  working  to destroy India  from within.
“The notion of Dalit-Christian has been developed to convince the Dalits that they are  non-Hindus, and that Hinduism is  a system of exploitation for which Christianity is  the solution.  It is, therefore,  necessary that  evangelist-left nexus, media mediocrity must be fought”, emphasized  Mr.  Malhotra.
Aditi Banerjee suggested that we Hindus should  devote more attention, energy and resources  to leadership training.  We need the leaders who are talented, who have vision,  who can think strategically and who can manage and motivate a team.
(Video of the entire function is being edited and will be forwarded to my list in a couple of days.)

In recognition of their dedication and commitment to Hindu Samaj, Dr. Uma Mysorekar and Devendra Singh were honored with the award of  “DHARMA RAKSHAK” and Suresh Chavanke was awarded the title of “DHARMA YODHA” by the  Chief Guest Dr. Subramanian Swamy.
Presence of Vice Consul from Indian Consulate Shri Shambhu Amitabh  who had graced the occasion with his presence,  was acknowledged and recognized by the Organizers.
The followinsg resolutions were passed unanimously by the voice vote:
We hereby solemnly take a vow that:
1.     From this day onward we will work for the rejuvenation, reinvigoration, unification and consolidation of the Hindu Samaj;

2.   If there is any discrimination, injustice or cruelty perpetrated on any Hindu anywhere in the world, we will raise our voices  in unison to protest;

3.   We will say or do nothing which will create a rift in the Hindu Samaj;

4.   We will devote our time, energy , talent, and wealth (Tan, Man and Dhan) to nurturing, preserving and propagating the Hindu values of life, viz. truthfulness, yoga, meditation, peaceful coexistence, compassion and charity;

5.    We will always support the associations, organizations, individuals, groups  which have dedicated their lives to the service of Hindu Samaja;

6.   We will keep a vigilant eye on anti-Hindu forces in media which have been unfairly and deliberately slandering and demonizing Hindu Samaj; we will vigorously expose their mean, malicious and mendacious designs so that they stop forthwith.
Priya Sahani Sood  gracefully acted as Master of Ceremony.  The program started with the blessing and chanting of Vedic mantras by Pandit Jagdish Tripathy.  The function ended with the vote of thanks by Sivadasan Nair.




We hereby solemnly take a vow that:
1.     From this day onward we will work for the rejuvenation, reinvigoration, unification and consolidation of the Hindu Samaj;

   If there is any discrimination, injustice or cruelty perpetrated on any Hindu anywhere in the world, we will raise our voices  in unison to protest;

   We will say or do nothing which will create a rift in the Hindu Samaj;

   We will devote our time, energy , talent, and wealth (Tan, Man and Dhan) to nurturing, preserving and propagating the Hindu values of life, viz. truthfulness, yoga, meditation, peaceful coexistence, compassion and charity;

5.    We will always support the associations, organizations, individuals, groups  which have dedicated their lives to the service of Hindu Samaja;

   We will keep a vigilant eye on anti-Hindu forces in media which have been unfairly and deliberately slandering and demonizing Hindu Samaj; we will vigorously expose their mean, malicious and mendacious designs so that they stop forthwith.


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Please click on the enclosed video on YouTube and watch TV Commercial about the Hindu Unity Day Celebration in New York on Sunday, August 30, 2015 at Hindu Temple Auditorium, 143-09 Holly Avenue, Flushing, NY 11355.
Chief Guest – Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Senior BJP leader and former Cabinet Minister of Law, Justice and Commerce, Government of India.
Other Prominent Speakers:
Rajiv Malhotra, Founder and President of Infinity Foundation, author, philanthropist and community leader;
Suresh Chavanke, Chairman, CEO of  Sudarshan TV, India;
Aditi Banerjee, Corporate Counsel of Leading Global Financial Services Firm;
Message for Hindu Unity from:
Dr. Uma Mysorekar, Dr. Narinder Kukkar, Dr. Rajesh Shukla, Vijay Shertukde, Devendra Singh  and Vibhuti  Jha.
You are cordially invited with your family and friends  to join us to express your pride, solidarity and unification for Hindu cause.
If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact

Narain Kataria – (718) 478-5735
Arish Sahani – (718) 271-0453
Pabitra Chaudhuri – (718) 853-5236

Respectfully yours, 
Narain Kataria
Subject:  video: "HUD Promo"

Atiqul Huda has shared a video with you on YouTube
HUD Promo

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Courtesy:  Raj Kumar Wanjara



Enclosed herewith please find a heart-rending report by Barkat Ali Jhandeer and Mansoor Nisar published in the  largest Sindi language newspapers, Daily Kawish,  Hyderabad” and “Daily Awaz, Karachi”.  The text is collected from January 1, 2012 to May 7, 2015.
The unprecedented atrocities have been perpetrated on hapless Hindus since the inception of Pakistan.  As a result, in the last 68 years, Hindu population in Pakistan has been reduced from 20-22% in 1947  to 1% in 2015.
It is a matter of great disgrace and shame that while entire Hindu-Sikh  population in Pakistan is being gradually cleansed, the world does not seem to pay heed to this humungous humanitarian problem.
In this connection it would be worthwhile to note that in the 1946 elections, Indian Muslims had voted en masse for the creation of Pakistan – an Islamic State - and they got it.  Now they should have absolutely no right on India.  They should not be allowed to open a separate  account in Pakistan and a joint account with Hindus in India! Because of the blunder committed by Congress Prime Minister Mr. Nehru, Hindus are still suffering from his ill-conceived vote bank policies.
The natural corollary of the Pakistan is that India should have been declared a Hindu State at the time of Partition.  Government of India, even though ruled by pro-Hindu Modi government feels helpless and has so far not taken any  stern action to protect Pakistani Hindus. 
In order to safeguard Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and even in India itself, it is absolutely essential that at  an appropriate time India’s Constitution should be amended and India declared as a “Hindu Nation”.

Narain Kataria
(718) 478-5735

A kidnapping of Hindu girls, converted as Muslim, forced marriages, rape, attacked on Hindus religious places and others stories of cruel incidences in sindh. From 1st January 2012 to 7th June 2015.
Kidnapping of Hindu girls and converted as Muslim
9th  January: A Hindu girl named shamim marwai was kidnapped from ghouspur city, after 10 days she was released from district sanghar.
12th  February: Nimirta kumari kidnapped from shahi bazaar daharki city. Report was launched at nearest police station.
25th  February: A Hindu girl rinkal kumari was kidnapped from mirpur mathelo city, after this she was converted as Muslim and forced marriage with naveed shah at dargah of bharchundi.
3rd  march: citizen of Jacob Abad Miss lata kumari was kidnapped from defiance Karachi. She is the doctor of agha khan hospital, according to the information fir has launched against nadir dahri and others.
3rd  march: Aisha kumari was kidnapped from Jacob Abad, she were presented in front of Supreme Court on 14th April, where she gave a statement that she has converted her religion and married with 18th years old  muslin boy.
7th march: Amina kollhi was kidnapped from Tando bagho, a landlord kidnapped our daughter and converted her religion: parents said.
24th march: A citizen of mahrabpur Marusi marwai was kidnapped from chandia morh district khairpur, our girl was kidnapped one and half month before. Parents said.
5th April: A young couple named Rekha and Kailash was converted as Muslim in pangrio city district sanghar.
17th April: Nurse yoked alias mehak maseeh was kidnapped from sukkur, report launched.
8th August: 14 years old girl Mansha was kidnapped from Jacob abdad, she was converted as Muslim and married with Murtaza ujjan on 11th August.
15th August: Bangle seller girls named 12 years old Gulzari and bhagwani were kidnapped from gharo, district thatto.
16th August: young girls Hemi and Pooja were kidnapped from Golarchi, district Badin. Both girls were kidnapped 10 days before: parents Dhani and Binu’s statement at police station.
5th September: Meera bheel was kidnapped from Tando Adam.
8th September: A girl from Tando masti named Sunni kollhi was kidnapped, her parents did protest against landlord Raja sheikh.
18th October: 12 years old student girl Kaweeta was tried to kidnap by govt employee, fir launched.
2nd November: Tulji Bheel and his daughter was kidnapped in Kot ghulam muhmmad, district mirpur khas.
8th November: Leela Bhagri was kidnapped from Larkana.
13th November: 12 years old girl Moomal was kidnapped from Kunri city.
1st February: A hindu girl Dhani Bheel was kidnapped from khipro, distt sanghar. Our girl kidnapped on 20th January by a landlord: parents said.
1st February: Motaan Bheel was kidnapped from khipro in first week of January.
5th February: Meena meghwar was kidnapped from kunri city, fir had been launched. Our girl converted as muslim and force married with Riaz kappri: parents
19th February: Moomal Bheel was kidnapped from kunri, fir had been launched.
5th June: A married hindu girl Suneeta mahesh was kidnapped from karhio ghanwar city. Our girl was kidnapped month ago: parents
19th July: A young girl Baari Bheel was kidnapped from kunri. She was converted as Muslim and force married with Ali Murad Noohani.
11th July: Bhagwanti was kidnapped from kunri, she also converted as muslin and force married with Javed sahto.
15th July:Koonj Bheel was kidnapped from Nawabsha and she converted as muslim at dargah of jhandu pir.
17th July: A girl from Tando jam named BiBi was kidnapped from kotri. Our girl was kidnapped two weeks ago, she were converted as muslim and force married with muhmmad ali machi: parents
9th August: RaajBai kidnapped in Tando jam city and force marriage with Essa kaloi, she were converted as muslim at dargah Ayoub jan sarandi.
10th December: Bhagori Meghwar was kidnapped from chachro city, Zulfiqar ali rind converted her as muslim and got marry with her.
26th December: Shirimati Meeran was kidnapped from kunri, fir launched, a girl has been converted as muslim, sources said.
3rd January: Ghori Bheel was kidnapped and converted as muslim, After that she was killed by local militant group.
5th January: Hazar Bhagri was kidnapped in Pano akil, She were converted as muslim in dargah of Bhurchundi.
17th January: A young girl Shabana Soochi was kidnapped from Gadap town Karachi.
29th January: 18 years old girl Pooja kidnapped and converted as muslim in Sanghar, my daughter was kidnapped 12 days ago and converted as muslin in jamia Banoriya Karachi:  mother Vishni.
8th January: 7 years old Jamna and 11 years old Pooja were kidnapped in mirpur khas, both were converted as muslim in madras of Bhaan singh.
10th February: Farzana christen was kidnapped by Hakeem sargani in khanwahan.
22nd February: Mariam Meghwar kidnapped, She were converted as muslim and forced marriage with Asif lund at dargah Bhurchundi.
23rd February: Three hindu girls were kidnapped in Makli (Thatta), Gulpari, Bhaghi and Kokia Baghri were kidnapped while those try to get water from hospital.
15th March: Rani Baghri was kidnapped from Jacob Abad, she was found on 2nd may, After that she was presented in high court of larkana.
15th May: Daughter  of Harichand Thakur was kidnapped and force marriage with Rameez raja in Tando muhmmad khan.
5th June: A mother Phoolan Bheel was kidnapped with her young daughter Guddi in Mirpurkhas.
14th June: Reena kumari was was kidnapped in Thari mirwah, she was kidnapped three weeks ago: Haresh kumar said.
19th June: Raziya kumari kidnapped and converted as Raziya khatoon, she were also forced marriage with Saleman in Kandhkot.
19th September: Shirimati Rami Soochi was kidnapped in Mahrabpur, She were kidnapped a week ago.
3rd October: Young hindu girl Neelan kollhin was kidnapped in Kot ghulam muhmmad. Javed and Akbar kidnapped our girl a month ago: parents
30th October: 12 years old girls Anjeli Meghwar kidnapped, she was converted as muslim and forced marriag with Riaz siyal.
7th November: 14 years old Kiran kidnapped, she was converted as muslim on 8th November and got marry with Qurban samo in Nawabshah.
11th November: 18 years old Parsha kollhi was kidnapped in kunri, she was kidnapped two days ago: parents
12th November: Kajol Bheel kidnapped in Uderolal. She was kidnapped by Aslam sahiwal and Ramzan dars 20 days ago: father Mohan
13th November: Lali Meghwar kidnapped in Samaro city, she converted as muslim at dargah pir Ayoub jan srahndi on 6th November.
20th November: 13 years old Parwati kollhi was kidnapped from in Samaro city.
21st November: Rejo kollhi was kidnapped in Samaro city.
2nd December: 14 years old Marvi kollhi  kidnapped and converted as muslim in Sammaro.
11th February: Sheela Meghwar kidnapped and converted as muslim. Ayoub jaan sarhandi made my daughter muslim: mother Dhanni
12th February: Jenni Baghri was kidnapped in ghotki.
20th February: A married girl Seeta kollhi kidnapped in khipro.
2nd March: A girl named Walhi kollhi was kidnapped in Jam nawaz ali city. My daughter has been converted as muslim: mother Jamna.
31st  March: 14 years old Anarkali was kidnapped in Karachi, 30th days ago my daughter was kidnapped: mother sid
31st  March: Beghum Oad kidnapped in Nawabshah
31st March: A hindu girl Aisha was kidnapped in Sukrund. Accused Rajab Chohan kidnapped my daughter on 17 March: father Roopchand
2nd April: 16 years old Soniya Meghwar kidnapped in Amarkot.
4th April: Chandar mati Baghri was kidnapped in Ghotki, 6 month ago kidnapped girl ran away and gave statement in front of court.
11th April: Chanduri kollhi kidnapped in Badin, accused Asif Khaskheli forced my daughter to marriage: father Mithu Bheel
13th April: Dyina Bheel kidnapped in Sukkur, my daughter converted  as muslim in madras of Karachi: mother
21st May: Sheeva Baghri kidnapped in Ghotki
31st May: Meera and Amina Bheel were kidnapped in Badin.
3rd June: 15 years old Madhuri kidnapped and converted as muslim in Ammar kot.
Religious places were attacked
4th February: A land grabbers Attacked on Aakhari mandar in Ammer kot during thi two man Hero and Rano kollhi got injuries, Fir launched.
6th September: Ancient Shiv nath manddar and massan was closed in Tando muhmmadl khan , no one could go that way.
1st February: Grabbing was done on the land of Hindus graveyard in Kario ghanwar city, and graves were broken
3rd July: Harijan mandar was attacked in Larkana, religious book and statues were broken.
11th July: Ancient  mandar was attacked in Phull hadiyoon city.
1st January: The land grabbers attack on village during this mandar and graveyard were broken in Kunri.
3rd January: The militant came in to Jumnadas uddasi mandar in Noshoroferoz and broke it.
7th February: Grabbing on graveyard of Meghwar’s in Chachro city.
29th March: Hanuman mandar was attacked in Hyderabad, militants burnt all things.
1st April: The “Tirshoowl” was stolen from the Paarbarhm aastan in Mitthi.
2nd April: Militants group burnt hindu’s graveyard in Hyderabad, during this incidence two accuse were arrested.
2nd April: A mandar was effected, because Construction work was being done near Ritneshwar mandar in Clifton Karachi.
18th April: Two centuries old Devi mata mandar was attacked in Ratodero, Gold and other things stolen.
21st April: 6 houses destroy near the Hanuman mandar in Hyderabad.
9th May: The mandar was burnt in Madeji city. During this religious books and statues destroyed.
29th May: The mandar was attacked in Kotgulam Muhammad.
3rd June: Militants tried to burn the mandar of Baba Gobind Ram in Ratodero.
26th October: Many statues were broken in mandar of Sukkur, during this local people identify one accused named Abdul Sattar Mahar.
22nd November: Hanuman Shiv Dhari mandar was burnt in Tando muhmmad khan.
1st December: militants attack on mandar in Hyderabad, during this statues were effected.
29th January: Rama pir mandar was destroy in Nabisar city.
3rd February: The ancient mandar was destroy in Rahuki city.
17th February: Crown was stolen from the mandar of Thatta.
6th march: Shiv Bhole Hanuman mandar was burnt during the Holi in Tando muhmmad khan.
5th June: ancient Shiv mandar was attacke in Hyderabad, the  
Violence against hindu girls and rape cases
28th January: 11 years old girl shamma oad was tarchered in dharaki cith, accused sardar ahmedin arrested.
31st January: shammy baghri was killed after huge tarcher in hala city.
3rd April: A young girl samjhu bheel was raped by three peoples in mirpurkhas city.
26th April: 7 year old kashmala and 5 year old roshni was kidnapped and raped in Nawabsha, fir launched.
6th June: 18 years old Rimsha kumari was rapped in kamla colony nawabsha.
17th June: Anila darpali was killed in Jacobabad, our girl ran away for the love marriage, police caught her and handed over the landlord. Parents said.
30th June: Seeta bai was disgraced in Kotdiji, she were pushed with rope like dog.
23rd July: laxmi bagri was tried to kill in Mirpur mathelo.
3rd August: Guddi bheel was rapped in Pir jo goth city.
5th August: The activist of  Sindhi hindu sujag tahreek party  Wazir marwai was killed in Tangwani city, Disttrict Kashmore-kandhkot.
13th August:Bashiran oad was rapped by three peoples in Kandiaro city, Fir launched.
22nd August: Monika mehraj was rapped in Mirpurkhas, the shop keeper arrested by th police.
5th September: Nathi bai meghwar was killed after rape in Amarkot.
11th September: 10 year laxmni was tried to rapped in Khipro city, Fir launched.
5th December: 6 years old Wanjanti was rapped in Mirpur bathoro.
25th March: Meeran kollhi was rapped in Hatri district Hyderabad.
30th March: A hindu girl Surangar was rapped in chachro city, district mithi.
31st March: 12 years old gianchand had been set on fire and killed in khangarh.
26th May: 15 years old Diyo bai was killed in Kot ghulam mahmmad.
23rd June: Meena kumari had been black mailed through video.
24th June: Shehzadi baghri was rapped by a government employ  in Mirpurmathelo city.
26th June: A young Hindu couple Dileep kumar and Karshima Dicleared as Karo Kari, dad lighari city.
9th July: Sangeeta Kumari was rapped in kandhkot.
3rd August: Nurse Rehmat maseeh was forced to marriage and converted as muslim in Sanghar city.
20th August: Soomri kollhi was rapped in Badin.
4th September: Hemi kollhi was rapped in front of her husband in Amarkot.
5th September: Motan bheel had been rapped from five days in chachro, district Mithi.
13th September: 19 years old Shirimati kollhi was kidnapped and rapped in Tando muhmmad khan city.
21st October: Two landlord Khadin and siraj Shar kidnapped Neelan Meghwar, girl was found doctors verified that rape was done with her.
28th October: 22 years old Suti bheel was rapped in Ammar kot
28th November: Shrimati Seeta was rapped in Samaro city.
3rd December: Kaku kollhi was killed after rape in Shadipali city, district Ammarkot.
9th January: three young girls Misran, Meeran and Anita bheel were rapped in Karachi near Tool plaza.
17th January: 14 years old Seeta kollhi was rapped in Kot ghulam muhmmad, district Mirpurkhas.
23rd January: a mother Neelan and her son Roopchand was kidnapped, after this the child was killed and mother was rapped.
8th February: Meena Kumari was killed in Islamkot.
19th February: Devi lohano was rapped in New kot, district Mirpurkhas.
8th June: Taari kollhi was rapped in Tando Alahyar, ghulam hussain and others kidnapped me: statement.
17th September: 9 years old Seeta was rapped in Islamkot.
12th October: Qaima bheel tried to rapped by landlords in Phull hadyoon city, district Mirpurkhas.
13th October: 9 years old Sajni bheel tried to rapped in city Jhando mari district Mirpurkhas.
19th October: 25 years old Dhani bheel tried to rapped in Samaro, Ammar kot district.
2nd April: 16 years old girl Soniya Meghwar rapped in Ammar kot.
30th April: 13 years old Sadaf maseeh was rapped three days continues in Kotri.
Digging out the dead body from the graves
6th October: The disgrace of the body of Bhooro Bheel was done in pingrio, district Sanghar, his body was diged out from the grave.
25th December: Allah dino bheel’s dead body was also diged from the grave due to his religion.
4th January: A young boy Papu meghwar’s body was dig out from the grave and also six graves were destroyed.
Migrations of hindus from sindh
9th August: 25 Hindu families migrate from Sindh to India.
13th August: 310 Hindus migrate from dahariki, ghotki, kandhkot and kashmor sindh.
16th August: 283 hindu families migrate from Karachi, Hyderabad, daharki, kotri and other cities of sindh.
19th August: Grand father of Rinkal kumari Manohar lal and Sar aanand also migrate.
3rd September: Vikrum, Ajeet and others migrate from Daharki to India.
25th February: Sirichand, seth Panju ram, Subash and others migrate from Jacobabdad to India.
17th June: Six hindu families migrate from Dahrki.
26th July: Nanakram chando, Bhajan lal and others migrate from Ghotki.
15th September: Pirthvi raj, Chandan, Jugmal and others migrate from khipro, district Sanghar.
29th September: 100 hindu families migrate from Ghotki, Khanpur mahar, obaurro and others cities.
9th January: Jahmoor and Papan lal migrate from Thull, district Jacobadad.
13th January: Mahesh, Rabesh kumar and others leaved city of Pir jo goth Khairpur.
13th February: 7 Hindus families including Shankar lal, Ghansham das and others migrate from Kandhkot and Ghotki District.
18th February : Social worker Budhal das parmalani migrate from Ghotki.
27th August: 7 hindus families migrate from Thull, district Jacobabad.
4th April: Suchal dev and his family members migrate from Thull to India.
1: Kawish: from 1st January to 31 December 2012
2: kawish: January, March, may & December 2013
Awami awaz: February, April, June, July, august, September, October & November 2013
3: kawish: only month of March 2014
Awami awaz: January, February, April, may, June, July, august, September, October, November & December 2014
4: Awami awaz: 1st January to 7th June 2015
                  This report depends on largest circulated Sindhi news papers “Daily Kawish Hyderabad” and “Daily Awami Awaz Karachi”. The text/news has been collecting from 1st January 2012 to 7th May of 2015. if there is any need make conformation you can check the information from the mentioned above news papers to follow dates of news.
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