Sunday, September 25, 2011

No Mosque at Ground Zero - 3 Videos on Youtube


Part 1
part 2

part 3

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Indian Americans are deeply disturbed and shocked at the forceful eviction/arrest of Baba Ram Dev and attack by 5000 policemen on thousands of peaceful Indian citizens in Delhi. They consider it a dangerous attack on democratic setup in India.

Baba Ramdev’s intent behind this movement is to bring back approximately 9 trillion dollars stolen from poor Indians and stashed in foreign countries; and he is determined to reverse this awful trajectory.

The petulant arguments advanced by the corrupt Government for its diabolical action against peaceful volunteers that Baba Ram Dev’s campaign against corruption would have caused a law and order problem does not hold water, and is an insidious attempt to cover up its hidden agenda to crush the movement.

That thousands of people from all over India should respond to the call of Baba Ramdev for removal of corruption from India, and come to Delhi and fast, is symptomatic of a deeper malice afflicting 1.2 billion Indians.

Baba Ramdev’s allegation that there was a sinister conspiracy to kill him has to be investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation. The reign of repression let lose against thousands of peaceful men, women and children by 5,000 Delhi policemen should be vehemently condemned with the contempt it deserves. It is a naked fascism as practiced by dictators in Middle Eastern countries.

Recently, India’s home minister, P. Chidambaram, said that more than 900 people, including almost 600 civilians were killed in Maoist-related incidents in 2009.

Since 2005, Islamic terrorist attacks have killed 780 people in India. (

It is a matter of great regret and shame that deadly Islamist-Leftist combine carrying on a corrosive covert war to destabilize and deracinate India is treated with kid gloves, and peaceful nationalists like Baba Ramdev are treated like a criminal!

It is not only unbecoming but also below the dignity of some politicians, who, in their eagerness to please their Queen, are using unparliamentary, dirty, disgusting and foul language against Baba Ram Dev who is adored by millions in India. These politicians have been marked by Janata (people) and will have to pay heavily in the next elections for their misdemeanor against a Saint.

Sonia Gandhi and her cronies will rue the day they chose to heap the brutalities on hapless and peaceful Indian citizens who were exercising their fundamental right to express their legitimate opinion against their rulers who have indulged in the massive plunder of India since Independence. Sonia Gandhi should also remember that India is not the fiefdom of her family.

If, by inflicting savageries on peaceful but united Indians, Sonia Gandhi Government believes that it can demoralize and consequently terrorize Indian citizens into submission, she is sadly mistaken.

We know that Sonia Gandhi is a devout Catholic. She rules India through remote control and with an iron hand. Indian tradition and culture enjoins on Indians to respect her religion. At the same time, it is incumbent on her not to misuse her political authority to crush peaceful Indians who demand accountability for billions of dollars stolen from them! Sonia Gandhi has been completely exposed by now. According to Rocky Saggoo’s blog - posted on February 22, 2011, Wikipedia says that Sonia Gandhi has $18.66 billion in Swiss Bank accounts. She should see the writing on the wall otherwise she may have to quit India.

The Indians are determined to take back Government of India from their corrupt rulers. Make no mistake; they are waking up silently, slowly but surely. And they are not going to stop till the goal is reached.

The Dharm Yuddh (the battle for righteousness) started by Baba Ramdev on June 4th, will result in the decimation and doom of corrupt Dynasty in the next general elections. The world will soon witness the spectacle of rapid and inexorable rout of Sonia Gandhi and its cronies. The corrupt ruling politicians and their buddies will suffer cataclysmic consequences for their egregious violations of Human Rights against humanity. They will be bundled out and thrown in the dust bin of History like other tyrants who unleashed unprecedented atrocities on Indians.

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Narain Kataria


Saturday, September 24, 2011

America's New Game Plan for Pakistan

America's New Game Plan for Pakistan



Translated by Narain Kataria

America’s New Game Plan:

Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons Should be under the Control of the United Nations.

According to American media, USA has obtained support of Russia, France, U.K. and China for this proposal. America desires that in the month of September, this plan should be initiated.

Washington (News Desk):

Pakistan and USA are heading for a confrontation which would result in complete annihilation. Obama Administration is prompting Pakistan to abandon production of nuclear materials/weapons. Media reports indicate that talks will start in the next U.N. session in September. In this connection, four recognized nuclear weapon states have already expressed their support to the US proposal.

In this connection, it should also be noted that a couple of days ago, NBC Channel had reported that USA had a “snatch and grab” plan to capture about 100 nuclear weapons if it felt that there was a danger of atomic weapons falling into the wrong hands.

Recently, former President Musharraf said on the NBC Channel that this dangerous thinking could result in a war between Pakistan and the USA.

The question of guarantee of safety of nuclear weapons had also come up before 9/11. But this time the USA with the help of nuclear nations will start a campaign and compel Pakistan to stop production of nuclear material/weapons and sign the treaty.

According to American media, the USA has already obtained the consent of China. Recently, in a conference in Paris, Russia, France and Britain had supported the American proposal.

However one thing is not clear as to how China will permit India to emerge as a nuclear power in South Asia at the cost of Pakistan.

America and its allies are willing to sign this draft proposal next month in the UN Assembly. After that systematic campaign will start. So far Pakistan has successfully thwarted world body’s pressure. In this connection, Pakistan has also informed the comity of the nations that Pakistan would boycott any talks supporting American proposal.

Narain Kataria’s address at the Prayer Meeting organized by America India Public Affairs Committee on 9/11/11

Narain Kataria’s address at the Prayer Meeting organized by America India Public Affairs Committee on 9/11/11

I am happy that America India Public Action Committee has organized today’s prayer meeting in the observance of Tenth Anniversary of 9/11 attack on World Trade Center in 2001 in which about 3000 innocent people were killed by terrorists. We are here to pay our homage to all of them.

AIPAC is the need of the hour. I do not think, at the moment, there is any other Indian political action committee which is effectively working to strengthen Indo-American relations.

I think, terrorism, Economy and China are the three major issues on which AIPAC can work in cooperation with American and Indian authorities.

As you all are aware that India’s economy is growing at the rate of about 9%. India Government has about 300 billion dollars in its reserve. NRIs are sending about 55 billion dollars to India every year. India’s export to USA is somewhere between 250-300 billion. Number of Indian millionaire is 126,700; and in a couple of years it will reach 400,000.

Recently Forbes Magazine announced that in India there are 69 billionaires. The combined worth of 100 richest people is US300 billion. India produced 17 billionaires last year. We are second to none.

The number of strong middle class in India is about 250 millions. America owes 41 billion dollars to India. India is becoming a very powerful nation, economically as well as militarily.

However, India has to take care of the problem of terrorism which is eating into its vitals. As we all know, terrorism is greatest threat to human civilization.

Since 9/11, terrorists have carried out 17690 terrorist attacks all over the world. The other day, terrorists attacked in New Delhi and killed 16 and injured about 60 people. There have been several attacks in Mumbai, Delhi and many other cities in India.

India is modernizing its military system. India is planning to buy $100 billion worth of new weapons over the next 10 years. US has offered top of the shelf and top of the line weapons to India. The arm sales to India could boost Indo-American relationship in the 21st century. USA is the biggest supplier of weapons to India. Military partnership between India and American is deepening very fast. It is reported that India may agree to deploy NATO missile system in India.

At the same time, China is growing faster than India as a very powerful economic and military machine. USA owes China more than 2 trillion dollars. China’s army and missiles are targeted on India and USA. China is building Gwader Airport for Pakistan in Balochistan. In the near future China could block the flow of oil to Europe and USA. China’s blue navy is operating in Indian Ocean and inWest Pacific near American Island of Guam. It is mutually advantageous for India and USA to cooperate in this effort.

I think there is a very vast scope for IAPAC to work on the above issues.

I congratulate AIPAC and wish all its members great success in its endeavor.

Narain Kataria

Speech by Narain Kataria at the Rally by Eagelswings


Dear Brothers and Sisters: Sholom:

In the first instance, let me express my gratitude to the organizers of this Rally for having given me an opportunity to express my views. I really feel honored.

We American Hindus are here today to express our support to Eagleswings; and solidarity with Israel. We should understand in unambiguous terms that Durban III conference by the UN is being used as a strategy by Islamists to condemn, demonize and vilify Israel. We will not allow their mean and mendacious desire to be fulfilled.

This same ploy is also being used by Islamists to pressurize the United Nations to declare caste system in India which was originally based on profession, as a racist system.

I am the survivor of the Partition of India in which more than one million Hindus and Sikhs were killed by Radical Islamists and more than 10 million Hindu and Sikh people were forcibly converted to Islam, driven out of Pakistan, and finally ethnically cleansed. I have seen with my own eyes the reign of repression let loose by Radical Islamists. I have seen with my own eyes our women being raped and people being murdered in the broad day light in connivance with Islamic government. Dear brothers and sisters, I have seen the true face of Radical Islam. Believe me, terrorism is the greatest threat to the humanity.

Islamists have already slaughtered tens of thousands of Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, Christians, Sudanese, Buddhists, Baha'i, Ahmadias, Balochis, and even their own Muslims.

They are funded by Saudi Arabia and militarily trained by Pakistan’s spy agency ISI. After training in terrorist camps, they are sent all over the world to kill infidels – those who do not believe in Prophet Mohammed, Allah and Kuran. The situation is indeed fraught with dangerous consequences.

Global onslaught by Radical Islam with Israel being only one of the canaries in the mine, is going on all over the world. Bali, Madrid, Mumbai, Thailand, Philippine, New York, Beslan in Russia and New Delhi are the victims of terrorism. Terrorists are killing our soldiers in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq.

The sinister aim of the Radical Islam is to isolate Israel, India and America. Hence, we have to be careful so that we do not fall into their trap.

In addition to that Hindus in Kashmir and Bangladesh, Coptic Christians in Egypt, Christians in Bethlehem and Iraq, Maronites in Lebanon, Kurds in Turkey and Syria, and Southern Sudanese are being slaughtered by Radical Islamists.

We support this Rally and join with you in sending our clear message to the United Nations that we will never accept the policies of capitulation and appeasement that undermine the fight against Radical Islam.

Narain Kataria
Indian American Intellectuals Forum, and
Co-Founder Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam
(718) 478-5735

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